A Magnificent Painting

I thought you folks might be interested in seeing the full painting (see link below).  The artist is David Wright, who lives in Sumner County, Tennessee.  David specializes in painting Native American subjects, early American frontier subjects, and Civil War military leaders.  In my opinion, he is the best contemporary American painter working in this genre of art.

David was commissioned to do work for the movie Last of the Mohicans back in the 1990s.  While on the set, he made friends with Mr. Wes Studi, a Cherokee Indian actor who lives in Oklahoma.  Wes played the part of the “bad guy” Huron Indian Magua in the movie.  

Completely apart from the movie and the content of the movie, David asked Wes if he would like to be the subject of an American Indian painting titled “The Warrior.”  Wes agreed to sit (or stand actually) for the portrait you see below.  I have seen this painting full sized, framed, and hung on the wall in the Sumner County Museum.  Looking at it in full size, it is overwhelming and truly powerful.  The dark mist you see is not a storm cloud.  It is the smoke of battle.  Click on the following picture of the painting to enlarge it and just study it over for a moment:

The Warrior 2

You can see examples of David’s other art at his website:


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