Today’s Music

Music is a vital part of human cultures around the world, and archaeologists often find the remains of ancient musical instruments in their excavations.  For example, copper and reed panpipes are sometimes found in Ohio Hopewell contexts.  Within anthropology, a whole field of study (ethnomusicology) is devoted to the cross-cultural study of musical instruments, the music they produce, and how they are integrated into various cultures (ancient and contemporary). Furthermore, Tennessee archaeologists and other stripes of archaeologists tend to be music lovers, and these archaeologists always seem to enjoy a very wide range of music. Therefore, just to spice things up around here, the Archaeology in Tennessee blog has decided to provide its readers with a daily URL link to a You Tube or other video musical item posted somewhere on the worldwide web. This is a special musical item selected especially for your listening enjoyment each day.  If you like the item with all your heart, I would also encourage you to go to your favorite retail music outlet and purchase the CD album where this item resides.  Musical artists have to make a living too, just like archaeologists, and this is why record companies allow the posting of music videos on You Tube and other web outlets (advertising and marketing).

Give today’s selection a click and enjoy it just like an archaeologist would enjoy it. This Iggy Pop song perfectly describes many of the college archaeology students I knew in the 1970s and early 1980s:


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