Next Meeting of the Old Stone Fort Archaeological Society

Mark Norton, State Programs Archaeologist at the Tennessee Division of Archaeology, has just released the July 2013 meeting announcement for the Old Stone Fort Archaeological Society.  Mark will be taking all of you to prison during this meeting.  The “castle” photograph in the announcement is the old main entrance and administration building for the Tennessee State Prison, which just happens to have been built in close proximty to some notable archaeological sites.  You may read the complete meeting announcement in the following file:

OSF July 2013 

A well-known 20th century artifact collector who lived in the Nashville area told me an interesting story many years ago.  While growing up in the Bethpage area of Sumner County, he was sometimes prone to get into minor scuffles and other relatively harmless mischief with the other children who lived in the area.  His dad was not particularly amused by these incidents and often stated to the boy: “Keep this up and you’ll be in the electric chair before you’re 18 years old.”  

By the time he was in high school, the boy had become an outstanding student, a member of the high school debate team, and an excellent basketball player.  One day his homeroom teacher announced that members of his class were going on a field trip, and this jouney included a tour of the Tennessee State Prison in Nashville.  The high schoolers were toured around the prison and eventually came to the small room where the electric chair was bolted to the floor.   The boy was in back of the line.  When the other students had moved on down the pathway to another aspect of the tour, the boy pulled one of the lagging prison guard chaperones to the side and whispered, “May I sit in the electric chair for just a moment?”  The guard looked perplexed at first and then said, “Well, I guess there would be no harm for just a moment.”  So, the boy took a couple of steps back with the guard, and he sat down in the electric chair.  After sitting there for a bit, he stood up and remarked to the guard, “My daddy always said that I would be in the electric chair before I was 18.  Thank you for helping me to ensure that my dad’s prediction would come true.”

You folks have a good evening exploring the past archaeological work at Cockrill Bend.  Thanks again to Mark for the excellent program planning.

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