Why Are There No Arrowheads in Middle Tennessee?

A visitor to the Archaeology in Tennessee blog arrived here after inserting the title of this post into his or her search engine. We have only one thing to say:

Are you serious?  How old are you, and why do you ask a question like that? Do you mean “arrowheads” or arrowheads?

If you think no arrowheads exist in Middle Tennessee, you should definitely avoid coming to East Tennessee. The ones in East Tennessee are much fewer and farther between, and most of them are made out of “goose egg” Knox black chert and gray chert. The final knapping results (your desired arrowheads) are little things you would be ashamed to hang on your den wall. Their small size is a function of the small, egg-like chert nodules. Trust me. I have lived in East Tennessee for many decades and have seen more of them in the archaeology lab and in the field than I ever care to see again.

Join the Middle Cumberland Archaeological Society in the Nashville area and learn about real Tennessee archaeology. It is a lot more fun and informative than just collecting arrowheads.  Contact the people listed on the following safe link to join and have fun:

Join the Middle Cumberland Archaeological Society



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