Message for the Person Asking Where the Thruston Tablet Was Found

The Thruston Tablet was found at some unknown location along Rocky Creek in Sumner County, Tennessee. The exact year in which it was found is unknown. In the year 1870, the state government of Tennessee sliced off that portion of Sumner County, along with pieces of land from other adjacent Tennessee counties, and combined these lands to create a new Tennessee county called Trousdale County. Therefore, today the location where the Thruston Tablet was found is in Trousdale County, Tennessee.

2 thoughts on “Message for the Person Asking Where the Thruston Tablet Was Found

  1. Dave

    Hi Tracy,
    Can you enlighten me again on the Pond Creek stone? I don’t remember if I read about it in your blog or via e-mail. Just interested, as I can see Pond Creek from my window. Dave

  2. dover1952 Post author

    Hi Dave. I do recall where you saw Pond Creek-related archaeological information. It was in two places. One was a old, yellowed newspaper clipping of a short article in the Ashland City newspaper about 30 years ago. The subject was a human effigy statue that was found on a farmer’s land along Pond Creek. It was presumed to be a Mississippian period artifact.The farmer found it while plowing in one of his fields, liked it, and put it on display on the top of his well house. Famous Nashville artifact collector Guy Stack found out about it in 1963 and bought the statue from the farmer. It is my understanding that the pupils of the eyes on this statue were intentionally embedded European glass trade beads. It is also my further understanding that this statue was on public display for a number of years at the Tennessee State Museum sometime in the 1960s. Of course, the glass trade beads and the time range of the Mississippian period in the Middle Cumberland region do not match up at all. This is just the oral story as it was related to me in the 1980s.

    A few introductory words about this statue and the verbatim wording of the text in the Ashland City newspaper was part of a much later in time post on my blog. It is still on my blog if you can find it. I found it a few minutes ago on my blog and promptly lost it because of some “burp” with my fast and highly sensitive gaming mouse.

    You will note that some items called the “Pond Creek Stones” were part of that newspaper article. I think Malcolm Parker told me about these stones many years ago, but I do not recall what he said about them—except that they were artifacts found at some archaeological site on Pond Creek in Cheatham County. In recent years, I have asked a few archaeologists if they had ever heard about or seen these Pond Creek Stones. In all cases the answer back was “No.”

    If you are back in Tennessee because of the North Pole weather in Wisconsin of late, you might want to check in with some of the old folks in Cheatham County—perhaps the county historian, local historical society, or local artifact collectors. Another thing you might do is go hiking and try to determine whether a Mississippian settlement was ever located somewhere on the T-2 of Pond Creek. I too would like to know more about these Pond Creek Stones—or perhaps it really is just one stone with something neat incised into it. Who knows after all these years?


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