Taylor Swift Is Frightened by Marsha Blackburn—and We Are Too

We agree Taylor!!! Marsha Blackburn is Tennessee’s sad, scary, and quite unfortunate version of former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Just in case you do not remember, Bachmann was the person the Republican Party appointed to engage and cultivate the conspiracy theory, loony bin, nutjob fringe of the Republican Party so they would stay interested in voting Republican. We think Marsha Blackburn is a lot like Michele Bachmann—a cheap party errand runner that no one with a brain took seriously. Marsha Blackburn would be a really bad choice to replace Senator Bob Corker.

It has nothing to do with the fact that Marsha is a woman. We would gladly vote for any woman candidate in any election—-except for Marsha. We would gladly vote for Taylor Swift because we think she is a whole lot smarter than Marsha and far more capable than Marsha. Too bad Taylor is not in the race.

We are neither Democrats nor Republicans here at the Archaeology in Tennessee blog. We are pretty independent minded, as most of you regular readers already know. We plan to vote for Phil Bredeson because of his deep past experience as a businessman; his highly successful tenure as a two-term Governor of Tennessee; his ability to work successfully with Republicans (a valuable rarity these days); and his intelligent, level-headed, statesman-like demeanor. Furthermore, we strongly suspect that Phil Bredeson would give his wholehearted support for Tennessee archaeology, Native Americans, and cultural resources work in general—and support them in the U.S. Senate. In short, Phil Bredeson is just about perfect for the job.

Does Marsha Blackburn know anything about Tennessee archaeology or any other kind of archaeology?  We doubt it. She would probably need to look up the word archaeology in a dictionary—provided she knows what a dictionary is and where to get one. Maybe Michele Bachmann could lend her one? We further suspect Marsha would have little to no love for Tennessee archaeology, Native Americans, or cultural resources in general—except maybe for wondering whether George Washington slept in some old house. A person like Marsha has to value something like archaeology and love it before being willing to support it. We doubt the capacity is there. Therefore, we really doubt that she would support such things through her work in the U.S. Senate.

Those are the reasons we are voting for Phil Bredeson. In fact, we wholeheartedly endorse Phil Bredeson as the new U.S. Senator from Tennessee, and we sincerely and deeply encourage you to vote for him at your local polling place during the early voting period in Tennessee, which is underway right now, or on election day (November 6, 2018).

1 thought on “Taylor Swift Is Frightened by Marsha Blackburn—and We Are Too

  1. Dave

    Yep, anyone would be better than Blackburn (or her orange mentor for that matter). I have already voted absentee. Bredeson got my vote, although with reservation after he said that he would have voted for Kavanaugh. He might have shot himself in the foot, obtaining a few votes from borderline Republicans but causing many more Democrats to not vote.


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