First Face of America

Mexican Proboscideans

Just three days ago, the long-running PBS science series Nova presented one of the best documentaries on ancient man in the New World that I have ever seen.  It centers on the discovery of ancient Native American human remains deep in a Mexican cenote in 2007 and the later full interpretation of those remains.

No. This is not about human sacrifices by the Classic or Post-Classic period Mayans—far from it. These human remains turned out to be Paleo-Indian. If you love underwater archaeology, Clovis points, and the first peopling of the America’s, you are going to love this!!! That is all I am going to say about this excellent documentary because I do not want to spoil it for you.

This new documentary is available for viewing on the PBS website right now.  When you get there, just click on the white triangle. If you have a new computer, I would strongly recommend clicking on the full-screen option in the lower right corner of the PBS viewing screen for maximum cinematic effect—because the cinematography is worthy of a big screen movie at your local theater.

Sentimental old archaeological me has a confession to make here. I shed actual tears while watching this. I really did!!!  Please click on the following safe link for a truly fantastic adventure in American archaeology and physical anthropology:

First Face of America

Photograph Credit: Archaeology News Network (2014)

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