Open Enrollment for the 2018 Programs at the Center for American Archeology Begins Now

I just received an e-mail message from Kathryn Chapman, who is the Education Coordinator at the Center for American Archeology in Kampsville, Illinois. The open enrollment period has just begun for their 2018 programs.  You may read all about it and obtain enrollment information for yourself, a family member, or a friend at the following safe link:

Experience Archaeology in 2018

If you are looking for a summer field school, they have some of the best in the nation—a field school tradition with deep roots in American archaeology.

The Center for American Archeology is actually the new name for the old Center for Illinois Archeology, which was established by Dr. Stuart Struever, a professor of anthropology at Northwestern University.  Through the Center for Illinois Archeology, Dr. Struever led the famous excavations at the Koster site in Greene County, Illinois. You may read about Dr. Struever and his career at the following safe link:

Biography of Dr. Stuart Struever

Dr. Struever earned his Ph.D. in anthropology at the University of Chicago.  I am not sure what their policy is today, but anthropology students at that institution were taught to spell archaeology as archeology in the 20th century. James B. Griffin was a victim of this teaching anomaly and so was Stuart Struever, who apparently passed it on to the Center for Illinois Archeology and the Center for American Archeology.

I wholeheartedly encourage you to take advantage of the fine archaeological education opportunities at the Center for American Archeology. However, as an old professional archaeologist, I would very much discourage young folks from forming the unfortunate early habit of spelling archaeology as archeology. In my honest opinion, using that spelling is akin to having a bad case of the cooties, a legendary childhood folk disease of the early 1960s. Most American archaeologists spell the name of the discipline as archaeology, including the Society for American Archaeology. I strongly encourage young archaeology students to learn it that way and always use it that way throughout their career—unless they work for the U. S. National Park Service or another federal agency or federal agency project manager that spells it the alternative way. If you are interested in some historical background information on this difference in spellings, you may read all about it at the following safe link:

Archaeology vs. Archeology: Which Is the Correct Spelling?

1 thought on “Open Enrollment for the 2018 Programs at the Center for American Archeology Begins Now

  1. Dave

    There is an interesting explanation on the SAA website at

    Apparently the US Government Printing Office (GPO) made an early decision to economize by dropping the “ae” spelling. Archeology is still the manditory spelling among Feds. I’m working on a contract report for NPS and am finding it difficult to use their spelling when my fingers know it to be blasphemy.


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