Do You Want to Frame Your Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month Poster?

If so, do I ever have a deal for you??!!! During September of each year, the Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology (TCPA) creates an official poster (suitable for framing) for Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month. I went over to Hobby Lobby in Oak Ridge yesterday to see if I could get my 2015 Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month poster (Figure 1) framed. It was the poster showing The Ancestor (formerly named “Sandy”)] from the Sellars Mound site near Lebanon, Tennessee. I thought the framing job would surely cost $100 or more because custom framing in frame shops is really expensive these days. Hobby Lobby did my poster for an amazing price—only $66.50. I took the poster over at lunch time, and they finished the framing job before 5:00 p.m.

TCPA 2015 PosterFigure 1.  Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month Poster for 2015

They have a 50 percent off sale going right now on their standard, already made picture frames of various sizes. The cost of the frame I selected was regularly $60—but I got it for only $30. The $66.50 final price tag included the frame and glass, dry-mounting the poster to foam board, border matting (burgundy with a black interior in my case), putting it all together, attaching a sturdy wire hanging system on the back, all of the labor, and the Tennessee and local sales taxes.

I gotta tell you folks.  The resulting framed poster is so beautiful you could get an orgasm from just looking at it.  Tomorrow is my birthday (65 and officially old), and my beloved gave the framing job to me as a birthday gift. So, if you have a TCPA Archaeology Awareness Month poster that has been lying around unframed, and you would like to frame it, either as a Christmas gift for someone or just for your lonesome, make a run down to your local Hobby Lobby store and “git her done.”  I doubt you could beat this price anywhere else.

Many thanks to the TCPA for creating the 2015 poster with The Ancestor on it and for creating all of the other Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month posters.  Great job guys!!!

And Hobby Lobby—this paragraph is just for you. Personally, I still do not like the fact that you deny your female employees contraception for religious reasons in your employee benefit plans, and I like it even less that the U.S. Supreme Court supported you in doing it. Your illegal importation of Middle Eastern antiquities was certainly a black eye on the family business—and almost no one in the American professional archaeology community liked what you did. Nonetheless, you have redeemed a little bit of yourself with this framing deal at your Hobby Lobby stores. But just remember—many of us out here on the American landscape are keeping a very close eye on you guys from now on.

Photograph Credit: Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology

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