Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month 2017

September is Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month in Tennessee. Each year at this time, and throughout the month, a wide variety of fun and interesting archaeological activities are underway. The Tennessee public is always invited to join in, participate, and have a good time.

My favorite part of the festivities is the month-long Tennessee Archaeology Blogfest, wherein each day a Tennessee archaeologist, archaeology graduate student, or archaeology undergraduate student posts an interesting and well-illustrated blog article on some aspect of Tennessee archaeology.

I had planned to co-author and post an article for the blogfest entitled Sage Advice from a Tennessee Archaeological Field Cook. My wife, Kathy J. Brown, was the Head Field Cook (and a part-time Field Laboratory Technician) for the Tellico Archaeological Project from 1975 to 1977. Many of the younger folks in Tennessee archaeology today like to read or hear folksy stories about the old days in Tennessee archaeology and what it was like to work on a huge, multi-year archaeological project like Tellico, which involved a residential field camp, field kitchen, and excavations at numerous archaeological sites. We were going to provide excellent field kitchen advice (just in case any of the young folks ever need to do a huge project like this and operate a field kitchen for 60+ archaeologists), and we were going to include some humorous field kitchen anecdotes along the way.  We had kindly asked Dr. Jefferson Chapman to find some candid field kitchen photographs from Tellico days, but it appears that none are available at this time—at least none that we can get in time to put together a blogfest article. (Jeff did try hard, and we much appreciated his effort). Therefore, Kathy and I have decided to shelve the blog article until next September 2018. That should give us enough time to check with old Tellico field personnel (if we can find them) to see if they have any candid field kitchen and cooking photographs taken at the Tellico Field Camp in the 1970s.

Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month is sponsored each year by the Tennessee Council for Professional Archaeology, and their personnel do a wonderful job of organizing the event and supporting it throughout the month.  If you would like to keep up with the various events and festivities, including the Tennessee Archaeology Blogfest, you may do so by clicking on the safe links below.  The introductory blogfest article will be posted tomorrow, so be sure and tune in for it and all the interesting daily blog articles that will come after it.

TCPA Facebook Page

TCPA Web Page

1 thought on “Tennessee Archaeology Awareness Month 2017

  1. Dave McMahan

    I hope you were able to find some of those old bill photos. I’d like to see them for sure. I stopped by the Cherokee heritage center near Fort Loudoun about a year ago. I noticed a picture of Paul Delcourt doing the core and paused to study it. Upon closer examination I also saw yours truly assisting, but he would have to have been there to know it.


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