Fighting Archaeological Theft and Vandalism

While surfing the Internet this evening, I ran into a really interesting article on fighting archaeological crime.  it was published in American Archaeology, which is the chief public relations publication of The Archaeological Conservancy. Some of the American archaeologists and Tennessee archaeologists who visit the Archaeology in Tennessee blog may have already read this article when it was first published in fall 2012.  For those assorted readers who have not read it, you may do so at the following link:

Click to access FightingArchaeologicalCrimeArticle.pdf

You will be really interested in the photograph on page 20.  What kind of bozo would do something like that?  If i were standing there in front of that panel, my first inclination would be to check whether I had fallen down a rabbit hole into some strange alter reality, and the following song would be playing in the background:

White Rabbit

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