Public Archaeology Item: What Are Your Thoughts on This Brochure?

Public archaeology is all the rage these days.  I was surfing around on the Internet extremely early this morning and quite by accident ran into the following public archaeology brochure sponsored and distributed by the statewide Agricultural Extension arm of The Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.  I would be interested to hear any thoughts you might like to express on this brochure.  Is it a good thing?  Is it a bad thing?  Is it a mixed bag that is nonetheless good for the education of kids on the subject of American archaeology and prehistory? Please comment on this brochure by clicking the Leave a Reply button at the top of the post, or send us an e-mail message to tell us what you think (see Contact tab above).  We would really like to hear from you.  Here is the link to the brochure:

4-H Club Arrowhead Brochure

1 thought on “Public Archaeology Item: What Are Your Thoughts on This Brochure?

  1. Josh Honeycutt

    I know as a child who participated in
    4-H I would have loved that Brochure.
    I think it promotes responsible collecting and logging of finds along with placing an emphasis on understanding and gathering information about the past, opposed to just
    “Finding arrowheads”.


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