Can Artifact Collectors and Archaeologists Find a Way to Get Along and Collaborate More?

That is a very good question.  The Oak Ridge Archaeological Research Institute has just launched a new blogging project aimed at helping to answer that question.  If you are an artifact collector or a professional archaeologist in Tennessee or elsewhere in the United States, your participation in the blogging project is both needed and welcomed.  You may read all about it at the following link:

Foreign archaeologists who were trained in American universities on United States soil and are familiar with the issues that have divided the professional archaeology and artifact collector camps in this country for decades are welcome to join in the discussion, especially if you have picked up knowledge and ideas studying and working overseas that might be helpful for forging better professional-collector relationships here in the United States.  We hold out great hope that our archaeology blogging friend Doug Rocks-Macqueen will join in the discussions as his time allows.

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