Skin Cancer Surgery Done

I was fortunate this time.  The skin cancer surgery lasted about 2.5 hours, and the microscopy indicated that they got it all.  The bad news is that I have a 3 or 4-inch incision on my head that was sewn together in a large, loaf-like hump with black thread.  It looks like a huge, swollen caterpillar.  The thing is ugly as sin and will probably leave a permanent scar that will make me look like a veteran Caribbean pirate.  I am thinking about buying a black eye patch, like the one worn by the old Hathaway Shirt Man, to complete the pirate mystique.  “Har maties!!!   Trowels me old profile down good, and I’ll purse you all some dark rum.”

Take care of yourselves in the sun kiddies—or you too may one day get the pirate mystique on your noggins!!!  Ooh!!!  And it is starting to hurt.   Time to break into the pain medicine.

2 thoughts on “Skin Cancer Surgery Done

  1. schafersman

    Everything you said in your earlier column about skin cancer is true. Congratulations on doing well after your second cancer surgery. My brother is a regional sales manager for a large national manufacturer of air conditioners and furnaces. He had to repeatedly play golf with clients. He never used sunscreen. Although he did wear a hat, he became as brown as a walnut. He developed malignant melanoma on his face that had partially metastasized into his lymph system. The long incision to remove all of this ran vertically across his face, down his neck, and onto his thorax under his arm. His operation took 12 hours. Amazingly, he healed in a few months with almost no visible sign of the giant incision. Of course, all the cancer was removed.

  2. Dave McMahan

    Gees – sorry to hear about the butchery, but I’m glad they got it. Nothing to mess around with. Dave

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