Photograph of Archaeology in Tennessee Blog Owner

The Archaeology in Tennessee blog has been operating for almost 3 years now, and it occurred to me one day that most of my readers have never met me in person and have never seen a photograph of me—not that you would want to do so.  The trouble is that I have seen photographs of most of you at one time or another in assorted contexts, and I thought it only fair that you should get a view of me.  I do not have snakes for hair, but there is still some risk that a glimpse of me might turn you to stone.  A photograph of me, taken just a few days ago, is up on my Linked-In  profile.  It shows the Environmental Scientist/Professional Archaeologist/Professional Technical Editor and Science Writer in his natural environment—the office—in this case my upstairs office at home—but my work office often looks much the same.  The URL is as follows:

Nice to meet you all!!!


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