Mihaela Noroc and the Atlas of Beauty Project

The Archaeology in Tennessee blog appreciates excellence in photography, especially photography focusing on anthropological and archaeological subject matter.  I was surfing around the Internet a few nights ago and came upon a series of outstanding and hauntingly beautiful photographs of young women in various cultural contexts around the world.  The brilliant photographer who took these wonderful photographs is Ms. Mihaela Noroc, and she posts these photographs on her project website Atlas of Beauty (http://theatlasofbeauty.com/).  We who work in anthropology and archaeology around the world know well the importance of funding,  Therefore, we here at the blog are encouraging our readers to donate funds so Ms. Noroc can continue this worldwide photography project.  You may do so at the following link:  http://theatlasofbeauty.com/support-my-project/.

All of Ms. Noroc’s photographs are excellent, but I was particularly struck by her photograph of a Kichwa girl in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador.  In this particular Native American culture, girls marry when they are 15 or 16 years old.  The picture of this young lady was taken on her wedding day, and she is dressed in her wedding outfit and wearing the appropriate facial cosmetics and feathering for the occasion.  Here at the blog, we think she is beautiful, and we wish her and her new husband the very best in life.

Kichwa Girl

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