A Thought on Projectile Point/Knife Typology

Science fiction literature has often posited the existence of small time-travel portals about the size of a telephone booth that can randomly appear on the surface of the Earth, move around, open up, swallow things, and then close. Have you ever wondered what might happen if one of these portals opened up for a moment at 3:00 a.m. in some archaeology professor’s office, accidentally sucked in several of the projectile point/knife typology books written by Noel D. Justice, converted their content into a language that could be read in ancient times, and then sent the books swirling back through time to some ancient location on the Great Plains?

Yes, I know things this goofy never cross your mind, but it is the kind of bizarre thing that sometimes crosses my mind. Independently, it also crossed the mind of a friend who lives in the United Kingdom and maintains a deep personal interest in American archaeology.  Roger used some existing on-line content to create the humorous graphic below and gave me permission to show it to you.  Enjoy!!!


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