New Book Available: “Stone Age Man in the Middle South”

The Archaeology in Tennessee blog received some very good news today! Our long-time friend, Mr. Donald B. Ball, has just completed and published a hard-bound, two-volume, extensively referenced, and copiously annotated anthology that includes the magnum opus Stone Age Man in the Middle South by William Edward Myer, who was a late 19th – early 20th century archaeologist in Tennessee. In addition, these two edited volumes contain the following works:

  • An Extended Biography of William E. Myer
  • The Heretofore Unknown Record of Relics No. 2 by William E. Myer
  • William E. Myer’s List of Indian Sites in Tennessee
  • A Transcription of William E. Myer’s Personal Copy of Indian Trails and Remains in Tennessee
  • A Previously Unpublished Manuscript by Warren K. Moorehead and William E. Myer
  • Additional Papers Written by William E. Myer


We believe this is a must own book for anyone interested in the Mississippian archaeology of the Middle Cumberland Region of Tennessee, Middle Mississippi Valley, and Southeastern United States, and the Archaeology in Tennessee blog highly recommends this fine book to you. More information on this book is provided at the following link:

Stone Age Man in the Middle South

You may purchase this two-volume set at right now.  Just go to their website and type the title into their search bar.  Copies will also be for sale at the upcoming Southeastern Archaeological Conference meeting in Greenville, South Carolina (November 12-15, 2014). When you arrive at the meeting, please visit the Borgo Publishing booth in the book room.

Donald B. Ball has a B.S. degree in history from Middle Tennessee State University (1970) and an M.A. degree in anthropology/archaeology (1977) from The University of Tennessee in Knoxville, Tennessee. Upon completion of his graduate studies, Don accepted a job offer for an archaeologist position with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Louisville District, in Louisville, Kentucky. He managed cultural resources for USACE until his retirement in 2004. Throughout his long career, Don has maintained an unusually wide range of professional interests that include (but are not limited to) prehistoric archaeology, historical archaeology, the history of American archaeology, history of Tennessee and the United States, Southern Appalachian folk culture, grist mills, historic cemeteries, and firearms artifacts. His list of excellent professional publications is both long and formidable. For a number of years, Don was the editor of the Proceedings of the Symposium for Historic and Urban Archaeology. Currently, he serves as the editor of two regional journals, Ohio Valley Historical Archaeology and The Millstone: Journal of the Kentucky Old Mill Association. In addition to being a member of several professional organizations and archaeological societies, Don is a Registered Professional Archaeologist.

1 thought on “New Book Available: “Stone Age Man in the Middle South”

  1. Teresa M. Turner

    I am a direct decendent of William Edward Myer and still reside in Carthage, TN. I would love to purchase copies of any archeology books, journals, history, etc. that I do not already have. I have inherited a few relics that were said to be his. My father was Edward Myer Turner, born and raised here in Carthage, Tennessee.


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