Indiana Jones and Happy Fourth of July

Hi Everyone.  The Archaeology in Tennessee blog is taking this opportunity to wish you a happy Fourth of July holiday.  We hope and trust that American archaeologists are not slaving over a 2-m square today.  Instead, this is the day when we slave over a hot grill, ribeye steak, a cold beverage, family members, and fireworks.  For those of us with archaeological and historical tendencies, we usually do something fun and interesting that is related to American history and culture.  If you do not live in the United States but would like to be a slave to such things, then go overthrow your government today and meet us back here next year.

You may have already seen this today, but just in case you have not, we encountered a video piece asking the question: “Was Indiana Jones a good archaeologist?”  Our answer here at the blog is “no way.”  Everyone knows good archaeologists do not excavate when lightning is flashing in the sky.  Here is the video feed:


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