Unwritten Rules in Professional Archaeology: A Caution

Hi everyone.  The Part 1 post about unwritten rules in professional archaeology went viral all over the world—not the usual viral like millions of people—but compared to the normal level of traffic we get here at the Archaeology in Tennessee blog, we consider it viral from our own perspective in terms of the number of views per day and the distribution of those views across the globe.  It is abundantly clear that people who love professional archaeology all over the world are really interested in this subject, and the assorted unwritten rules in archaeology are already beginning to filter back to us.

IMPORTANT CAUTION.  For those of you who plan to submit your own unwritten rules in professional archaeology, we gave you our e-mail address so you could remain anonymous—if you so desire.  However, If you choose to click the LEAVE A REPLY button at the top of our main post and send your unwritten rules that way, there is a very high probability that your name or some other means of showing the world your personal identity will automatically show up with your reply.  The Archaeology in Tennessee blog would really prefer that you send us your unwritten rules by e-mail at tcbkjbbrown@comcast.net.  We here at the blog do not intentionally sell your e-mail addresses to other people/organizations or hand them off to friends, acquaintances, and colleagues—and especially not to spammers.

In light of this post, If you do choose to click the LEAVE A REPLY button and leave your unwritten rules in your reply, we are henceforth going to assume that you want your personal identity known to every person and every archaeologist on the planet.  If you have already clicked LEAVE A REPLY and did not know that your identity might be visible along with your unwritten rules, we would be happy to delete your reply so no one can see it.  Just contact us by e-mail at the address above and let us know that you would like us to take it down.

We want to give you plenty of time to think about your unwritten rules in professional archaeology before your send them to us.  Therefore, we are setting a deadline of Monday, July 14, 2014 (midnight EDT) to send your unwritten rules to us.  Many thanks to all of you here at home and around the world for your interest and participation.

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