Our Most Read Blog Post

When you start a blog, it is hard to envision which of your posts will become the most popular over time.  By most popular, I mean the posts read the most by visitors and those that are read by at least one person and usually more on just about every day that passes.  Although I have not done a specific count, it is pretty obvious what the most popular post is here at the Archaeology in Tennessee blog.

This blog gets visitors from all over the world—literally all over—and people peruse through a great many of our posts.  However, the most popular blog post is clearly the one about how to spell archaeology (archaeology vs. archeology).  On an almost daily basis, this blog is quite literally teaching the whole world how to spell “archaeology,” as well as some history behind the two spellings.  The confusion about this spelling is truly vast and on the minds of people everywhere.

It caught us totally by surprise—and we are more and more and more surprised by it with each passing day.  Go figure.

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