Old Stone Fort Archaeological Society Meeting (December 2013)

Mark Norton at the Tennessee Division of Archaeology has sent out the announcement for the December 2013 meeting of the Old Stone Fort Archaeological Society, which is just 3 days from now.  You may read the formal meeting announcement in the following PDF file:

December 2013 Meeting Announcement

The speaker for this meeting will be Mr. Hobart Akin.  Mr. Akin is an archaeologist and a recently arrived staff ranger at the Fort Loudoun State Historical Park near Vonore, Tennessee.   The subject of his talk will be the archaeology and history of Fort Loudoun, which was a British fort built on the western frontier of the original 13 colonies during the French and Indian War (better known to our friends in British archaeology as The Seven Years War).

Would you like to meet Dr. Death and tour his medical facility at Fort Loudoun?  No, I do not mean famous University of Tennessee Forensic anthropologist William Marvin Bass III.  In this particular instance, I am speaking of the chief 18th century medical officer at Fort Loudoun.  Click on the following link and ask yourself whether your health insurance provider would cover treatment in this facility:


You might also like to know that Mr. Akin does some really interesting work in experimental archaeology, and a major focus of this work is the reproduction of ancient Native American dugout canoes using a straight tree trunk, primitive-style stone tools, and the burn-and-chip method to hollow out the trunk so people will have space to sit in the canoe and paddle down the river.

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