Affordable Care Act and Federal Government Shutdown

Many of you are no doubt asking whether the federal government will go into shutdown mode at 1 minute after midnight tonight.  The Archaeology in Tennessee blog is of the firm opinion that it will indeed shut down.  You may rest assured and in perfect confidence that the temperature will be absolute zero in the lowest region of Dante’s Hell when the Obama administration caves in to political blackmail by Ted “Joseph McCarthy” Cruz and 60 Tea Party assholes in the U.S. House of Representatives.  We are of the opinion that this shutdown could last a while, perhaps more than the 21 days of the last federal shutdown in the mid-1990s.  The Republican Party will eventually fold on this one and get all of the blame for the shutdown, which will translate into a creature known as “political disaster.”

The last ditch desperation of the Tea Party and Republican Party to destroy the Affordable Care Act is doomed.  Doomed we tell you!!!  Doomed!!!!  Doomed!!!!!  Finally, at long last, we believe that many archaeologists doing CRM work will have an opportunity to buy affordable health insurance from one of the insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act.  If you are not already covered by your employer, we encourage you to look into the issue of purchasing such insurance when the state exchanges open for enrollment on Tuesday of this week.  Although we have no detailed inside information, we strongly suspect that one of the carriers will have a health plan option that suits your needs at an affordable premium rate.  Considering how little CRM workers are often paid, we further suspect that a nice-sized federal subsidy will be available to help you further offset the cost of the stated premium for your selected plan. 

Despite its bumpy rollout, the Archaeology in Tennessee blog supports the Affordable Care Act and believes that it will be both popular and successful.  You might ask, “Well, why is that?  Why have all of these powerful economic, political, and conservative media forces been mobilized against it with such anger and desperation over the past several weeks?”  We can tell you why and use a partial quote from a verse in the Bible to do it:  “…for the devil has come down to you in great wrath because he knows that his time is short.” (Revelation 12:12).  In this case, the devil consists of sold out Republican and Tea Party politicians, the American health insurance Industry, and the big pharmaceutical companies.  Given sufficient time, the Affordable Care Act is destined to work, work extremely well, and become very popular with the American people.  The “devil” knows it too.  His time is indeed very short now.  The “devil” knows another thing too.  He knows that the architectural changes initiated under the Affordable Care Act will result inevitably in rapid macroevolution to a national single-payer healthcare system (like Medicare) for everyone.  The current American health insurance system will be utterly and completely destroyed, and pharmaceutical/medical device companies will come under incessant, bone-crushing pressure to reduce prices toward government-established goals that will be much more affordable for the American people. 

We will close with two rather fun thoughts.  The Archaeology in Tennessee blog very much views the high-level opponents of the Affordable Care Act as being represented by Reverend Kane in the Poltergeist movie series.  Let us now hear Reverend Kane’s thoughts on the Affordable Care Act:

We now follow that up with some rather objective reporting on the Affordable Care Act from the Christian Science Monitor newspaper—some reporting Reverend Kane and his friends desperately want to keep you from reading in these few short days before their demise:

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