Next Jackson Archaeological Society Meeting

Mark Norton at the Tennessee Division of Archaeology has just sent out the August 2013 meeting announcement for the Jackson Archaeological Society.  You may read the announcement by clicking on the following link:

JAS Meeting Announcement

The Archaeology in Tennessee blog has many international readers.  While I realize that citizens of other nations pride themselves on knowing more about American geography than most Americans do, it occurred to me that a few folks might not know why this is called the Jackson Archaeological Society.

The archaeological society gets its name from the city that is its home base: Jackson, Tennessee.  Jackson is a small city in West Tennessee, and it is named after General Andrew Jackson who lived in Nashville, Tennessee, and became the 7th President of the United States.  You can read about Jackson, Tennessee, and Andrew Jackson at the following URLs:,_Tennessee

You may watch an old, rare, and sort of “campy” motion picture about General Jackson and his defeat of the British army at the Battle of New Orleans after the treaty that ended the War of 1812 had already been signed.  Both sides could have used some cell phones and international calling that day.  Throughout much of the 19th century, General Jackson was celebrated as the “Savior of the Nation” in much the same way that Abraham Lincoln is in our times, although for different reasons.  No guarantees of detailed historical accuracy are offered, but this old movie has an all-star cast and can be seen in its entirety at this URL:

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