A Cold Day on the Cumberland River

I have a new post for you tonight.  However, because of some technical issues with graphics, you will need to read a portion of it by clicking on the link shown below (A Painting and a Story).  It is a brief story about portable Mississippian petroglyph tablets, telling stories, and the intersection of Tennessee archaeology and history.  I hope you enjoy it.  If you get a caution box about potential virus risks, you can ignore it.  My computer system is protected by Norton 360 Antivirus.  Click on the following link and happy reading:

A Painting and a Story

You may also see drawings and photographs of the Thruston Tablet and read about the latest in-depth research on this famous Tennessee artifact at the following URL:


If you are interested in the iconography of the Mississippian period, I would kindly urge Archaeology in Tennessee blog readers to purchase the book cited as a reference at the end of the “A Painting and a Story” link above.  The recommended purchase price is $60.00. but you can probably get it at a reduced price from Amazon or another major bookseller.  It is really a great book to have, and it is fun to read—also a great reference source.

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