Feminine Voices in Archaeology

The Archaeology in Tennessee blog takes this opportunity to announce that it fully and wholeheartedly supports the many women who have chosen to practice professional archaeology and legitimate avocational archaeology here in Tennessee, in the United States, and throughout the world.  We know that issues of discrimination have existed in the past and that some of those issues persist today.  In addition, we recognize that women archaeologists have other significant issues and concerns with regard to their private lives and how those concerns intersect with the many demands placed on archaeologists today. 

Recently, while cruising the worldwide web, we ran into an interesting and fairly new blog that was created in early 2012.  The name of this blog is Feminine Voices in Archaeology, and it was created to be a central meeting place where women archaeologists could gather on-line, voice their concerns about various issues, and seek effective solutions to the problems that crop up at the interface between their lives and the world of archaeology.  The Archaeology in Tennessee blog supports the stated purposes of this new blog and would like to encourage women archaeologists in Tennessee and elsewhere to visit it and actively participate by presenting your own ideas, thoughts, concerns, and experiences for discussion.  You do not have to post your real name to do that.  You can post anonymously or by using a made-up “handle name,” and no subject of concern is too great or too small.  The URL for this new blog is as follows:



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