News Flash: Big South Fork Archaeology Makes Front Page

The Knoxville News-Sentinel is the major metropolitan newspaper for the Knoxville area, Much to my surprise today, Tom Des Jean and the archaeology of the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area (National Park Service) were featured right there on the front page with a good-sized story and a large color photograph—with more in later pages of the paper.  You can read the story and see the photographs at the following URL:

The Archaeology in Tennessee blog would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Tom on winning the award mentioned in the story.  He has put in several decades of fine service in discovering, recording, preserving, and protecting the enormous number of cultural resources on the Big South Fork property.  I think we sometimes take for granted all of the good work the National Park Service as a whole does in managing cultural resources throughout the nation.

The Knoxville-News Sentinel, editor Jack McElroy, and Morgan Simmons deserve a strong pat on the back for running this story, which helps to educate the public about what Tennessee archaeologists really do.  This time we will forgive the misleading comment about “buried treasure” because the article is otherwise so good.  it has always seemed to me that this local newspaper runs more stories about archaeology and history than the other major metropolitan newspapers in Tennessee, running the gamut from Charlie Faulkner’s excellent work in local historical archaeology to the work of the Tennessee Archaeological Research Laboratory to area historic homes to mountain folk festivals.  Keep up the good work!!!

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