Vacationing with the Thruston Tablet

by Tracy C. Brown

Hello dear readers.  You have not seen a post here in a while because I am on vacation in Middle Tennessee.  I am visiting relatives, checking out the new Wynnewood restoration (on a fine tour by Rick Hendrix this afternoon), and doing some archaeological research.

Wynnewood was incredibly hot upstairs this afternoon.  I still marvel at how its 19th century occupants were able to sleep upstairs, cook food for a large number of people with wood fires, and wear all of that heavy clothing in the summer.  I wonder what they did to avoid heat stroke?

On this trip, I have also resumed my research quest to identify the archaeological site where the Thruston tablet was first discovered in the 1800s.  I have been working that problem for a while now and have moved a step closer.  Yes, I know it is a wild goose chase after all of these years.  However, it is also a lot of fun getting out onto the Sumner County and Trousdale County landscapes, making contacts, talking with real people, digging through old records, and searching for the precious few clues that still exist.  If anyone has any ideas or suggestions, please make a comment below.  My mind is open to any avenue that might lead to success.

Based on the work I have done so far, I feel certain in saying that it was not found at the Castalian Springs mound site.  If my old friend Buddy Brehm were still alive, I feel sure that he would second that conclusion.

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