The Monkey Law: An Educational Intermission

Yes, I know.  Most of us archaeologists took courses in primate and human paleontology back in our college days.  Yet, I wonder how many of us have closely followed the very public fight that has been going on between evolution and religion in the United States, particularly over the past 32 years.

The Tennessee Monkey Law has some history behind it.  For those of you who have been too close to your Marshalltown or Goldblatt to really notice and follow it, below are safe links to some very interesting and educational video clips.

The first is a brief excerpt from a Lecture by Dr. Ken Miller at Brown University.  Ken and I used to correspond some.  He is a very nice guy.  Ken is a biology professor, an author of high school biology textbooks, a major proponent of evolution, and a devout Christian who is an active member of the Roman Catholic Church.

The second video (PBS NOVA) recounts the history of the famous Kitzmiller et. al vs. Dover Board of Education trial in Pennsylvania, around 2005.  This is the trial in U.S. District Court (District 3) that brought Intelligent Design (ID) crashing down.  The concept of ID is the brain child of an organization called The Discovery Institute out in the Seattle area.  ID was an active nationwide plot to sneak creation science into public school science classrooms under another name.

When ID failed miserably in court, The Discovery Institute hatched another nationwide political and public relations scheme to get creationism/ID into public school science classrooms.  The new scheme, which is underway right now across the United States, is called Teach the Controversy.  This new scheme is the hen that warmed and hatched the recent Tennessee Monkey Law.  The following video clips are really fun and educational, so get some popcorn and click here to watch:

Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial


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